Stuart McKenzie

Stuart McKenzie instructs the following:
  • Aerial BootCamp

  • Aerial Bootcamp
  • Aerial Bootcamp training is an interval training program designed for all SHINE enthusiasts. This class focuses on strengthening the body and building high levels of endurance using the tools of the aerialist. This class is all inclusive and is designed for all SHINE clients, regardless of experience level. Our instructors will give you a variety of exercises to choose from, ranging from beginner to more advanced. Be ready to, hang, pull, twist, balance and hold your body in a variety of ways, keeping your brain so engaged you’ll forget you’re even working out! Based off of the widely successful formula of HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training), not only is Aerial Bootcamp the best way to develop strength and confidence for your other Shine classes but it is also the most efficient way to burn fat and build lean muscle! We strongly recommend this class be attended for anyone who is interested in aerial, pole, or balance arts, but is feeling the need to develop more foundational strength before jumping into the air.
    Level: Open
    Recommended Attire: Short sleeve or long sleeve shirt (please no tank tops), yoga pants or capris. You will remove socks, shoes, and jewelry prior to class.